Weighing  equipments or machines  has critical  role  to play in bakeries  at  various stage .  

Incoming material

Weigh  Bridge

Mostly used by large bakeries where raw material or  finished goods  movement are very high
. Weigh Bridge  require a very large  area  by which the manufacturers could weigh the entire
container or  tankers  . Weigh Bridge  also helps in eliminating  error  or manipulation by truck
drivers  with  third party weighing  machines . Data  can be maintained with these weigh
bridge .

Mechanical weighing  scales

Mechanical scales are used  to do the weighment of raw material  .Normally sales higher than
5.0kg -100kg  range are kept  at stores/warehouse . Platform type mechanical  weighing
machines are popular  for  such  application

Electronic  Platform  weighing  scale

Weighing scale are works on load cell and are  either stationary type or are mounted on the
trolley itself .

Mixing  section

Weigh Hoppers

Apart from using small capacity digital electronic weighing machines , large bakeries which  
have automated  their  raw material additions into mixers  weighs ingredients into weigh
hoppers  which works on with load cell . Entire  ingredients addition is automated with  weigh
hopper working on pre defined weight of ingredients. Maor ingredients  are flour , fat  and

Forming , Baking  and Packing  section

Electronic  Digital weighing machines

Electronic digital  weighing scales  are used mostly  in these sections as  wet dough pieces or
 baked products are checked for weight variations . Most popular are table top weighing
scales  with led display .Display  could be also provided  for larger workers to see  by  putting
up  the display boards on the Walls .. Operators at packing machines checks weight  either
manually or  by online check weighers.

Online  Check weighing  machine

Once  material moves out from baking and are packed  by packing machines  then these
packet s  are  checked by online
check weighers  which rejects  over weight as well as under
weight finished products thus alerting operators  to  rectify  problem in process .. From
individual  packets  to  cartons   can be checked with online check weighers .

Lab  Equipment

Analytical weighing balance  

For  lab analysis and test for  bakery units raw material and finished goods  . Used  for  
weights in micro grams

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