Batter preparation

First  step  in wafer mixing  is to prepare  batter .  wheat/ flour( low gluten type )is  mixed  with water and
other ingredient sin batter mixer to get  a   thin batter of suitable  consistency .Mixing  time could be  2- 5
Minute batter is then transferred  to batter storage tank from where it can be transferred to baking

Cream Preparation                      

Creams are prepared in mixers  where ingredients like flavours , colors , whey powder and soya lecithin
are added . Cream of suitable consistency  are prepared .  Various types creams are  popular in wafer
biscuit   are chocolate s , milk , caramel  , orange , banana , strawberry , hazelnut  and others .
Cream preparation could take place  between 10- 12 mins. Cream  then can be transferred  to  reservoir.


Batter is then  pumped  and spread on to baking plate by help  spreading nozzles . These plates then
moves into baking zone of the oven . Temperature maintained for baaing these wafer baking plates  is
between 175 - 200 deg c . The baking time   kept is  1.75 - 2.0 min . Capacity of oven  can be from 50 -
100 plates . Size of plate can also varies from  400 x300  to   300 x 200 mm and thickness is maintained  
between 2.5 - 3mm. Most of these  wafer ovens  are electrical oven s. These plates travel upon guide rail
and electrical power is supplied through  bus bars inside the oven .  Baking  plates  are in contact with
bus bar through carbon brushes.

Wafer Oven


These wafer sheets are the allowed to cool  down  by moving   through one or two arch's .Cooled wafer
sheets are then  taken to  spreading  machine . Cream is then spread over wafer sheets  at creaming
machines Once the  block  of 2/3/4/5  layers  of creamed  wafer  is made , the block is then moved to
cooling block


Wafer sandwich  blocks are then  cooled to harden  and creams get set on wafer  block . The cooling
block  is  dehumidified  to reduce the  moisture  absorption  by wafers  during cooling . Temperature
maintained in cooling block is  between 10- 15 deg c.


Fully automated  cutting  is done  at  cutting machines .Here we can cut wafer blocks in different sizes.
These fingers are then passed on to  feed conveyor for packing


Horizontal flow  wrap are used to pack these fingers .These fingers are packed in heat sealable  moisture
proof films  for good shelf life . These  packets are then packed into cbbs  for dispatch .

Specifications of wafer products are

size of wafer sheet  = length x breadth
thickness of wafer sheet= 3mm normally
size  of fingers= lxb
layers of creams
layers of wafer sheet
ht  of fingers  with cream
pack arrangement =  1pile ,2pile , 3pile
wt of sheet
wt of finger

Wafer Biscuit Plant  Layout  Diagram

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