Major problem  in forming section or moulding section is  to get exact weight  as
per standards  and  and weight variations  across the line .

Weight variation occurs  because of  improper settings of scrapper knife and  
gaps between  gauge rolls .

Weights can be adjusted by changing angle of scrapper knife which is placed
below cutter  and forcing rollers. Opening of angle would increase  the  weight
and closing down angle  would reduce the weight  of wet biscuit .

Adjusting  the  gaps between rolls of gauge rolls can also help.

Dough sheets  get stuck to the rollers of gauge rolls .To prevent  this to
happen  we can place  blowers to  inject hot  air  on sheets .

Scrap  dough dont carries upto  the scrap  lift conveyors or wet dough piece  
dont get transferred to next  conveyors. To avoid such conditions  steam or  
wet rollers are  placed underneath the cotton conveyor which then  make
conveyor  wet  and the dough  sheet sticks to  the surface of the conveyor .

Curling appears  on the dough sheet  in case the preceeding rollers  speed  
are not synchronised  properly .Hence the settings speed rollers is critical  for
dough sheet flow .

Webs  of conveyor  becomes loose or get stretched  due continuous stress
hence  to get the tension  Tightening rollers are provided  to provide   tension  
in webs .

Others accessories  that could  placed after moulder / cutter  are  

1. sugar/salt sprinkler

2.  milk spray

3. cashew/nuts/pista sprinkler

Different  type of Moulders  and Cutters