Talent  Management  For  Comapnies

Talent management’s foundation was laid by a management pioneer, McKinsey and subsequently
gained popularity after his book “The war of talent” was published.
Management of talent basically is used in anticipating the need and requirement of the human
resource as per the need of the organization.The term talent, here simply depicts the capital of
the firm in the form of human resource and thus it includes everything from recruiting,training,
developing, retaining, and rewarding the personnel of the firm.
Although talent management is regarded as an independent significant aspect in the
corporations, but it is somehow considered as a part of business strategy.
Talent management reaps huge benefits in all form of organization be it a small, medium or high
level enterprise because the main function of talent management is to get the best possible
benefit from the best use of sources through appropriate handling of matters related to human
When any company manages the talent, i.e., the human capital, they deliver engaged employees
and through which effective performance is delivered
so, it seems as simple as that… better the management, better is the performance.

Talent management’s benefits don’t simply end there. On one hand, company receives benefits
on the other, customer satisfaction is worth mentioning.

We have heard about the concept” placing right people at the right job” many times, and talent
management does exactly that, it visualizes this concept in a broader dimension. It not only
enables job enlargement and enrichment but also accounts to satisfied employees which
obviously will yield better and positive outcome.

Time and again we have seen companies which are successful in managing the human capital
faces less problem even in the time of turbulence. When talent management is not viewed as
mere obligation but rather considered as a part and partial of the strategic management in the
organization, the company not only delivers high quality performance but also will revitalize the
organization for a sustainable development. Forbes’s top listed companies can be taken as
examples of companies which have taken talent management as an integral concept and have
incorporated it in the operations.

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