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Safety  Precautions  for Bakery  Equipments


Horizontal dough mixers.

Mixers with external power application shall have all belts, chains, gears, pulleys, sprockets,
and other moving parts completely enclosed.

Each mixer shall be equipped with an individual motor and control, and with a conveniently
manual switch to prevent the mixer from being started in the usual manner while the machine is
serviced and cleaned.

All electrical control stations shall be so located that the operator must be in full view of the
bowl in its
open position. No duplication of such controls other than a stop switch shall be permitted.

All mixers with power and manual dumping arrangements shall be equipped with safety devices

Engage both hands of the operator, when the agitator is in motion under power, and while the
bowl is
opened more than one-fifth of its total opening.

Prevent the agitator from being started, while the bowl is more than one-fifth open, without
both hands of the operator;

Every mixer shall be equipped with a full enclosure over the bowl which is closed at all times
while the
agitator is in motion. Only minor openings in this enclosure, such as ingredient doors, flour
inlets, etc.,
each representing less than 1 1/2 square feet in area, shall be capable of being opened while
the mixer
is in operation.

Overhead covers or doors which are subject to accidental closure shall be counterbalanced to
in an open position or provided with means to hold them open until positively released by the

valves and controls to regulate the coolant in mixer jackets shall be located so as to permit
access by
the operator without jeopardizing his safety.

Vertical mixers.

vertical mixers shall comply with paragraphs mentioned above for horizontal mixers

Bowl locking devices shall be of a positive type which require the attention of the operator for

Devices shall be made available for moving bowls weighing more than 80 pounds, with
contents, into
and out of the mixing position on the machine.


Rear of divider. The back of the divider shall have a complete cover to enclose all of the
moving parts,
or each individual part shall be enclosed or guarded to remove the separate hazards. The rear
shall be provided with a limit switch in order that the machine cannot operate when this cover is
The guard on the back shall be hinged so that it cannot be completely removed and if a catch
or brace
is provided for holding the cover open, it shall be designed so that it will not release due to
vibrations or
minor bumping whereby the cover may drop on an employee.

Moulders -

Hoppers. Mechanical feed moulders shall be provided with hoppers so designed and
connected to the
proofer that an employee's hands cannot get into the hopper where they will come in contact
with the
in-running rolls.

Hand-fed moulders. Hand-fed moulders shall be provided with a belt-feed device or the hopper
shall be
extended high enough so that the hands of the operator cannot get into the feed rolls. The top
edge of
such a hopper shall be well rounded to prevent injury when it is struck or bumped by the

Stopping devices. There shall be a stopping device within easy reach of the operator who
feeds the
moulder and another stopping device within the reach of the employee taking the dough away
from the moulder.

Manually fed dough brakes -

Top-roll protection. The top roll shall be protected by a heavy gage metal shield extending over
the roll
to go within 6 inches of the hopper bottom board. The shield may be perforated to permit
observation of the dough entering the rolls.

Emergency stop bar - An emergency stop bar shall be provided, and so located that the body
of the
operator will press against the bar if the operator slips and falls toward the rolls, or if the
operator gets
his hand caught in the rolls. The bar shall apply the body pressure to open positively a circuit
that will
deenergize the drive motor. In addition, a brake which is inherently self-engaging by requiring
power or
force from an external source to cause disengagement shall be activated at the same time
causing the
rolls to stop instantly. The emergency stop bar shall be checked for proper operation every 30

Miscellaneous equipment -

Proof boxes. All door locks shall be operable both from within and outside the box. Guide rails
shall be
installed to center the rack as it enters, passes through, and leaves the proof box.

Fermentation room. Fermentation room doors shall have nonshatterable wire glass or plastic
panels for
vision through doors.

Troughs. Troughs shall be mounted on antifriction bearing casters thus making it possible for
operator to move and direct the motion of the trough with a minimum of effort.

Hand trucks.
Casters shall be set back from corners to be out of the way of toes and heels, but not far
enough back
to cause the truck to be unstable.

A lock or other device shall be provided to hold the handle in vertical position when the truck is
not in

Lift trucks. A lock or other device shall be provided to hold the handle in vertical position when
the truck
is not in use.


Racks shall be equipped with handles so located with reference to the frame of the rack that no
part of
the operator's hands extends beyond the outer edge of the frame when holding onto the

Antifriction bearing casters shall be used to give the operator better control of the rack


Wherever a conveyor passes over a main aisleway, regularly occupied work area, or
passageway, the
underside of the conveyor shall be completely enclosed to prevent broken chains or other
material from
falling in the passageway.

Stop bumpers shall be installed on all delivery ends of conveyors, wherever manual removal of
product carried is practiced.

Where hazard of getting caught exists a sufficient number of stop buttons shall be provided to
quick stopping of the conveyor.

Ingredient premixers, emulsifiers, etc.
All top openings shall be provided with covers attached to the machines. These covers should
be so
arranged and interlocked that power will be shut off whenever the cover is opened to a point
where the
operator's fingers might come in contact with the beaters.
Chain tackle.

All chain tackle shall be marked prominently, permanently, and legibly with maximum load
All chain tackle shall be marked permanently and legibly with minimum support specification.

Safety hooks shall be used.

Trough hoists, etc

All hoists shall be marked prominently, permanently, and legibly with maximum load capacity.

All hoists shall be marked permanently and legibly with minimum support specifications.

Safety catches shall be provided for the chain so that the chain will hold the load in any position.

Safety hooks shall be used.

Air-conditioning units.

On large units with doors to chambers large enough to be entered, all door locks shall be
from both inside and outside.

Pan washing tanks.

The surface of the floor of the working platform shall be maintained in nonslip condition

Power ventilated exhaust hoods shall be provided over the tanks.

Bread coolers, rack type.

All door locks shall be operable from both within and outside the cooler.

Doughnut machines. Separate flues shall be provided, (i) for venting vapors from the frying
and (ii) for venting products of combustion from the combustion chamber used to heat the fat.

Open fat kettles.

The floor around kettles shall be maintained in nonslip condition.

The top of the kettle shall be not less than 36 inches above floor or working level.

Steam kettles.
Positive locking devices shall be provided to hold kettles in the desired position.

Kettles with steam jackets shall be provided with safety valves in accordance with the ASME
Vessel Code, Section VIII
Slicers and wrappers.
The cover over the knife head of reciprocating-blade slicers shall be provided with an
arrangement so that the machine cannot operate unless the cover is in place.

On slicers with endless band knives, each motor shall be equipped with a magnet brake which
whenever the motor is not energized. Each door, panel, or other point of access to the cutting
shall be arranged by means of mechanical or electric interlocks so that the motor will be
deenergized if
all such access doors, panels, or access points are not closed.

When it is necessary to sharpen slicer blades on the machine, a barrier shall be provided
leaving only
sufficient opening for the sharpening stone to reach the knife blades.

Slicer wrapper conditions.
Mechanical control levers for starting and stopping both slicing machine conveyors and
machines shall be extended or so located that an operator in one location can control both
Such levers should be provided wherever necessary, but these should be so arranged that
there is
only one station capable of starting the wrapping machine and conveyor assembly, and this
station should be so arranged or guarded as to prevent accidental starting. The electric control
for starting and stopping the electric motor driving the wrapping machine and conveyor should
located near the clutch starting lever.

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