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Safety  Precautions  for Bakery  Equipments

General machine guarding.

Gears. All gears shall be completely enclosed regardless of location.

Sprockets and V-belt drives. Sprockets and V-belt drives located within reach from platforms or
passageways or located within 8 feet 6 inches from the floor shall be completely enclosed.

Lubrication. Where machinery must be lubricated while in motion, stationary lubrication fittings inside a
machine shall be provided with extension piping to a point of safety so that the employee will not have
to reach into any dangerous part of the machine when lubricating.

Hot pipes. Exposed hot water and steam pipes shall be covered with insulating material wherever
necessary to protect employee from contact.

Flour-handling equipment -

General requirements for flour handling.

Wherever any of the various pieces of apparatus comprising a flour-handling system are run in
electrical unity with one another the following safeguards shall apply:

Wherever a
flour-handling system is of such size that the beginning of its operation is far remote from
its final delivery end, all electric motors operating each apparatus comprising this system shall be
controlled at each of two points, one located at each remote end, either of which will stop all motors.

Control circuits for magnetic controllers shall be so arranged that the opening of any one of several
limit switches, which may be on an individual unit, will serve to deenergize all of the motors of that unit.

Bag chutes and bag lifts (bag-arm elevators).

Bag chutes (gravity chutes for handling flour bags) shall be so designed so as to keep to a minimum
the speed of flour bags. If the chute inclines more than 30 deg. from the horizontal, there shall be an
upturn at the lower end of the chute to slow down the bags.

Bag-arm elevators with manual takeoff shall be designed to operate at a capacity not exceeding seven
bags per minute. The arms on the conveyor chain shall be so spaced as to obtain the full capacity of
the elevator with the lowest possible chain speed. There shall be an electric limit switch at the unloading
end of the bag-arm elevator so installed as to automatically stop the conveyor chain if any bag fails to
clear the conveyor arms.

Man lifts shall be prohibited in bakeries. Bag or barrel lifts shall not be used as man lifts.

Dumpbin and blender.

All dumpbin and blender hoods shall be of sufficient capacity to prevent circulation of flour dust outside
the hoods.

All dumpbins shall be of a suitable height from floor to enable the operator to dump flour from bags,
without causing undue strain or fatigue. Where the edge of any bin is more than 24 inches above the
flour, a bag rest step shall be provided.

A control device for stopping the dumpbin and blender shall be provided close to the normal location of
the operator.

Storage bins.

Storage bins shall be provided with gaskets and locks or latches to keep the cover closed, or other
equivalent devices in order to insure the dust tightness of the cover. Covers at openings where an
employee may enter the bin shall also be provided with a hasp and a lock, so located that the employee
may lock the cover in the open position whenever it is necessary to enter the bin.

Storage bins where the side is more than 5 feet in depth shall be provided with standard stationary
safety ladders, both inside and outside, to reach from floor level to top of bin and from top of bin to
inside bottom, keeping the ladder end away from the moving screw conveyor.

The main entrance cover of large storage bins located at the interior exit ladder shall be provided with
an electric interlock for motors operating both feed and unloading screw, so that these motors cannot
operate while the cover is open.

Screw conveyors.

The covers of all screw conveyors shall be made removable in convenient sections, held on with
stationary clamps located at proper intervals keeping all covers dust-tight. Where drop or hinged
bottom sections are provided this provision shall not apply.


Enclosures of all types of flour sifters shall be so constructed that they are dust-tight but readily
accessible for interior inspection.

Flour scales.
Traveling or track-type flour scales shall be equipped with bar handles for moving same. The bar
should be at least 1 inch in diameter and well away from trolley track wheels.

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