Role  of  Ingredients

Bread Improver-These are used for improving texture of bread and add to the flavour.

Dough Conditioner-These are used to strengthen weak flour and generally enzymes alpha
- amylase .Its added to break down the starch into sugar and alcohol. These are prepared
from fungal sources .

L - cysteine- L -cysteine acts on sulphide groups and proteins and acts as reducing agent .
It mellows the dough .

Ascorbic Acid-Ascorbic acid acts as oxidising agent which acts upon the sulphide bonds of
amino acid ( gluten) which results in stronger bonds which increases resistance and reduces
extensibility of dough.Ascorbic acid reacts slowly and for longer time and is active even at the
baking stage .

Potassium Bromate-Potassium bromate too acts as oxidising agent the difference between
ascorbic acid and potassium bromate is that its a strong reagent its activity time is short and
reaction is strong.It also helps in increasing resistance of dough and reducing
extensibility.Note : It is interesting to know that both oxidising and reducing agents are used in
bread. The reason to use both are that we need to get balanced property of dough. We can
make bread without L- cysteine or Ascorbic acid

Calcium propianate-Calcium propianate acts as preservative. Its main function is to protect
product from any fungal infection .Hence increases shelf life of the product. The quantity of
Calcium propianate varies with season.In rainy season quantities are increased.

Acetic Acid-Acetic acid is also used as preservative .It protects products from bacterial
infection . As it reduces the pH of the dough and turns the dough towards acidic side .Its
quantity also varies as per the season.

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