Role  of  Ingredients

Various Ingredients are used in Bread and Biscuit manufacturing .Each Ingredients has
specific role to play during manufacturing process .

Primary role of sugar in bread and biscuit is provide sweetness( taste) to the product .Color
to the product due to carmalisation .Color of the crust in bread loaves is due to the sugar
.Basic role of sugar is to activate the yeast to produce carbon dioxide and alochol during
bread manufacturing .Note: When preparing for mixing yeast is separately being put into
ammonium chloride and sugar solution .

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil -( HVO )Main function of HVO is to retain the moisture inside
the dough.Give smoothness to the bite .

It provides taste to the product .
Salt act as controlling agent against wild yeast activity .Thus controlled yeast activity can
provide better texture or network .

GMS ( Glycerol Mono stearate)-Its act as emulsifier which binds together the oil and
water molecules and it helps bread to hold moisture .

SSL ( Sodium Stearoyl lactilate)-It is also known as Smoother .It is a compound which
retains softness in bread and delays staling of bread .

SMP ( Skimmed Milk Powder)- Solution-Main function of Skimmed milk powder is to give
flavour to the product and sweetens the product.

Ammonium Chloride-Ammonium chloride provides Nitrogen which used to activate yeast in
presence of water and sugar.

Yeast-It is an unicellular living organism .Its growth is max at higher humidity and
temperature 45 deg c .Yeast action on food releases carbon dioxide which gets entrapped
in dough and gives puffiness to the product after baking .Yeast are used for sour dough
products or Sponge dough products . Sponge are prepared in cracker production yeast is
added during mixing are then kept for 18-20 hrs before production.

Commercial yeast are of two types - Compressed yeast and Dry yeast

Compressed yeast - These can be further calssified as

Breweries yeast - It acts on malt to give alcohol and carbon dioxide.
Distillers yeast- It acts on molasses to give alcohol and carbon dioxide .
Bakers yeast - It acts on sugar to produce carbon dioxide and alcohol. Carbon dioxide is the
main by product.
Other features of compressed yeast

Its available in cake form
Its cheaper than dry yeast
Moisture content is 80%
Life of compressed yeast is 5 days
Cell usage is 90-95%
Dry Yeast

Its costlier than Compressed yeast
Its is available in powder form
Moisture is around 5%
Life of dry yeast is more than one year
Cell usage around 60%

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