Here  we  would  try  answer all questions ( how's / what,s /why's)  related  to bakery  
manufacturing .
We have collected these questions from google analytics for last 5 years  . Few answer
might be about  basic  equipemnts and process which have been already covered in
this webportal . If you have a question donot hestitate   sign up and send your  question
. if  selected we would put your question on this list .Experts  are welcome to answer
questions from their fields .

Q .
how to name a bakery    ?

how to start a bakery ?

how to manufacture bread ?

flow diagram of how bread is made ?

how to sell bakery products ?

how to arrange money for  bakery business ?

how to measure rancidity ?

how biscuits are packed  ?

how safety and hygiene of bakery plants are maintained ?

 how to be a good maintenance manager in a bakery plant ?

Q  how to prepare wafer biscuits ?

Q  how to select oven ?

Q how to sell bakery equipment ?

Q how is haccp used in a bakery  ?

Q how is the grinding of the biscuit particles  ?

Q how many types of biscuits ?

Q how to manufacture a cake ?

Q how to market a small bakery ?

Q  how to measure ph in dough  ?

Q how to obtain increased productivity in bakery ?

Q how to process biscuit ?

Q how to reduce accidents in a factory bakery ?

Q  how to save cost in packaging  ?

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