Industrial  PVC  Strip  Curtains For  Doors

Industrial  PVC   door curtains is  another method  for  food /bakery manufacturers to keep
their production facility clean and hygienic .Bakeries  need keep  its  production are  free
from pest like flies , insects  and dust . Apart from pest control chemicals  mechanical  means
are used  to achieve hygiene and  food safety  objectives . One of the important  equipments
 for such  application   are pvc door  curtains .  These  pvc door  curtains  are installed  in
places of high movement of material and personnel  thus impossible  to have doors  installed
or it is open for long hours . This high movement of men and material gives  a chance  to
pest and dust to  enter bakery production halls . Putting  pvc door curtains provides a barrier
to  pests ( flies , dust , insects , birds )and other  harmful particles .  

Transparent PVC  strips  are  available  in market  with  various  thickness and transperency
.Depending upon the locations and usage one can select these pvc strips  and install it on
the doors and passages .

Main application these pvc strips  can be found in areas like passage in around production
halls . Door ways  to  stores / finished goods  godown /  raw materials stores / packaging
material stores / Mi.xing area / Creaming area . As these are light on weight and are
transparent thus helping people and machinery to move easily without  taking trouble  to
open and close doors  in regular interval .

Pvc  strip curtains  can be  easily be installed with  the clamps and fastners provided by   the
manufacturers . One has to keep into the correct overlap  while installing these pvc strip
curtains on doors . The overlaps could  be 25%  to 35%  of each other  . We have to also
ensure that  strip  touches  the floor  thus insulating the area from  pest and other foriegn
particles into  production hall .   Pvc  strips  are delivered in rolls  by manufacturers one has
to measure the required length  for  installation .

Its very cost effective method for pest prevention and keeping production hall hygienic  
comparison to  air curtains which consume high energy . Disadvantage  with
pvc strip curtain is  that we need to change it after certain period due  

Stiffness or britleness as it loses flexibility
Becomes opaque with time
Damages due to  movement of machines
Re installing it  when it comes down due to  heavy impact .


Thick ness =  1.6mm/2mm/3mm /6mm  
Width  = 25mm , 50mm , 75mm , 100m
transparency -  opaque , translucent , transparent .
Over laps =  25% - 35 %

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