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Every business entity has got a procurement  department or a executive who
handles all purchases  depending upon the size of the organisation .Big
organisations have multilocational purchase  unit or in some case purchases are
made from central unit .

Purchase deptt plays a very critical and crucial  role in smooth functioning of  
The  Head of Purchase deptt is called Chief Procurement Officer(CPO) .Now days
CPO has considerable say in any company policy.

Purchase deptt   primary role is to  get material at right cost , from right buyer
, of right quality and in right time .

Major role of purchase are following

  • Raw Material , Ingredients , fuel  buying
  • Service  contract
  • Vendor  Development
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Value Analysis
  • Annual  Contract
  • Capital Purchases .
  • Maintenance and Repair contracts
  • Payments  to vendor .
  • Inventory control
  • Negotiations & long term contracts
  • Scrap management
  • Getting licenses for  storages etc.ie liasioning with govt depts
  • Imports
  • Maintaining and Updating Vendor Master.
  • Follow up  with  vendors for Delivery
  • Warehousing
  • Imports
  • Services contract
  • Legal and laws of contract
  • Purchase Orders and Other Documents ( Quotation , PO , Indent
  • ERP -Data Analysis

selecting the best offer considering various aspects such as vendors capacity ,
quality , delivery ( purchase order requisition) followed by purchase dept
inviting quotation from suppliers  and selecting the best offer considering
various aspects such as vendors capacity , quality , delivery schedule ,price and
other factors .Purchase orders are released against requisitions . Material is
delivered on  specified date and location  by the vendors.
delivered on  specified date and location  by the vendors.


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