Pre -Requisite  Programs ( PRP)

Pre -requisite programs  are selected while doing hazard analysis for site and are basic
requirement for any fsms to be implemented .

The organization has  to establish Pre -requisite  programs (PRP’s )and implement them keeping
in view the requirement of the standards and have  to establish  a plan for sustained maintenance
and review.  These include
a)        Food safety hazards to the product through work environment
b)        Biological, chemical and physical contamination of product(s) including cross
contamination and
c)        Food safety hazard levels in the product and product processing environment.

Further the PRP’s are
a)         Appropriate to the organizational needs with regard to food safety
b)        Appropriate to the size, type of operation and the nature of products being

c)        Are implemented across the production system either as programmes applicable in general
or programmes applicable to a particular product or operational line.
d)        The PRP’s are approved by the food safety management team.

Following PRP’s are general in nature and are applicable to all manufacturing locations .  While
developing these PRP’s the food safety team needs  to  give  sufficient credence  to the statutory
and regulatory requirements, customer requirements and both intra and international standards
including Codex.
It has  to also consider the following while developing the PRP’s
a)        Construction and layout of buildings and associated utilities
b)        layout of premises, including workspace and employee facilities
c)        Supplies of air, water energy and other utilities
d)        Supporting services including waste and sewage disposal
e)        The suitability of equipment and its accessibility for cleaning
  Maintenance, and preventive maintenance
f)        Management of materials ( eg. Raw materials, ingredients,
  Chemicals, and packaging) supplies (e.g. water, air , steam and
  ice), disposals (e.g., waste and sewage) and handling of products
  (e.g., storage and transportation)
g)        Measures of the provisions of cross contamination
h)        Cleaning and Sanitizing
i)        Statutory and Regulatory requirement of Food Safety
j)        Emergency and Product Traceability mechanism.
k)       Pest Control
l)        Personnel hygiene

Critical  Control  Points ( CCP)

Operational  Pre -requisite Programs ( OPRP)


Other standards  in bakeries  related  to food safety

ISO 22000


SQF (Safety Quality  Food)

Ems - Environment management system

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