Pest  Control  Management

Pest Control for bakery Industry

As bakery industry is moving towards strict  food safety standards and regulations with tools
like HACCP ,GMP , ISO22000,BRC,SQF etc ,pest control becomes important in the view of
sanitation and hygiene.Food items at place of storage , process and dispatch attracts pest
which are nuisance as well problem towards hygienic conditions in a bakery . Various types
of pest could be seen in a bakery where no pest management is in place eg insects ,
beevels , rodents , flies , birds etc .Pest control itself is a specialised field where one has to
contact professional pest control contractors or else ask some consultant to do a Pest audits
in the plant and to do follow up action on his recommendation .Workers & Factory
Personnel's have to be trained in hygiene and pest control tools and methods .

Pest   Control  Management  Element

a )Identification

Any  pest control program can only  be effective if  the sources and types of pest are
indentified and accordingly  the chemicals and other preventive measures are taken


Regular monitoring and keeping records on numbers , frequency and effectiveness of
chemicals  can be monitored  with  datas with  frequency and nature of pests and seasonal
appearance of some pests


Elimination of   breeding  places  and using alternatives so as to  lower pest attacks .Using
process  in a  way  that it does not attract pests .
Good manufacturing practices to  be
followed in bakeries  or food manufacturing units

d) Control

Pest control method adopted  in  bakeries include s  chemicals( pesticides) , and equipments
 Scheduling chemical sprays and chemicals on regular intervals .

e)Skilled  Pest control  team

Pest  control chemical

g) Pest Control  Equipments

Pest control management includes following

Waste management in place and working .

Ensure that wastes , spillages ,floor sweepings are lifted in regular intervals through out the
day .

Building repair and maintenance are done regularly where building cracks and grooves are
filled in and repaired so that insects or rodent do not grow in these cracks .

Insecticutors are in place and source of flies .

Air curtains  and pvc strip s are installed  at door s and passages connecting  production hall

Drainage system is designed properly and is working .

To remove moisture and humidity from production areas .

Storage areas to be provided with at least 20-20" space or gap all around so as to allow
personnel to clean the storage area.

Tanks an silos to be cleaned regularly after fumigation on regular intervals.

Dry sludge for ETPs to be lifted regularly .

Protective clothing to be provided to visitors .

Disinfectant  and chemicals to be used in washrooms and canteen

Factory  Waste  to  be kept in  scrap yards  marked and maintained .

Chemical  sprayed around  factory permises to destroy  breeding grounds for pests.

Air conditioning and refrigeration units to checked for condensation and leaky pipelines can
be source of pests.

Pest  control  managment  can be given to specialised contractors  who have tools  to
implement effective pest management .

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