Marketing Plan for your bakery business

TIPS  - Marketing plan  for small bakery

Why need a Marketing Plan ?

Marketing plan for bakery business would consider following  factors  such as distribution costs,
production costs, advertising expenses and any expense related to identifying and marketing the
products to the consumers in the targeted markets. Marketing involves identifying, anticipating
and satisfying customer needs. A marketing plan takes the stated aims and objectives and then
puts in place a series of marketing activities to ensure those objectives are achieved .Strategies
as how these plans  are going to be communicated or promoted to your end users .

Any business marketing plan of bakery  require s to  be based on four pillars of marketing  
generally known as  four P's or  4 P's for bakery


Bakery product  manufactured to be  of the best quality  with local preference for sweet /whole
grain /white bread .Packaging  to be selected  for  consumer convenience  such as smaller pack s
Select the product as per the local taste . Different region s have different palate . Try to provide
some niche products which are not  available in neighbourhood  supermarkets ,mall or  retail
grocery .

Bakery product   to be launched in urban  areas in initial phase  and later to be promoted into  
rural  areas . To cover  major markets   and retailers . Local retailers  of  major  colonies . Dealer
can be depute to reach out the retailers .

Bakery product   to  be priced  lower than or equal to market price with higher incentive to
retailers and agent .


Bakery product  promotion has to be done mainly through  word to mouth  and to ensure  that its
available to  major hyper market and super markets .leaf lets  to be distributed in major colonies

Advertise  into local dailies   then  with the increase demand go for  national dailies ,magazines
and other print media .Sponsorship of local events like Mela ,fairs , sporting events or school
functions .

Other important P is  Packaging


Bakery products  packaging  is  also a critical for sale  , convenience  packaging for consumers  
& display  shelves in shop  are also crucial . More transparent  the packaging more would be the
confidence of  your customer .

Apart from these  basic  marketing strategies  for bakery  you need to be looking out for latest
trends for healthy  bakery products  such as whole wheat , low fat , low sugar , zero trans fat  and
high fibre bakery products.


Word to mouth

Local media

Online presence


Special promotions on  occasions/event/holidays/festival

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