PDCA  Cycle  is  important  tool  for  improvement and provides  a systemetic approach for
improvement .It can also be  replicated  in ones daily life .

PDCA stands  for  PLAN , DO , CHECK , ACT .


It means understanding  of what  you are trying  to achieve and by what means and path
for implementation .


After plan has been made and action plan has been decided one has to put these into
implementation . It would include  training of people  ,scheduling ,followup and other
project management  activities . Sometimes these would not shape in would results in
failure .Then we have to back to first stage of planning .


Once plan is implemented then  results would flow . These are  then  compared with the
results planned .Deviation are recorded and improvement  proposed to achieve the results


Then we have to act on these results during check process either to restart  pdca cycle or
to standardizing the results .

Hence any programm has to follow the above path untill one is satisfied with the  results
and are standardise. Kaizen lays importance to  pdca cycle with results being recorded
and process being standardise


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