Industrial Floor  Cleaning  Equipments

Bakeries  or food factories need to keep  their production facility  in hygienic  conditions  
thus floor cleaning becomes an important routine  for  factories  .  Safe and sanitary  floors
are crucial for these food units .Improper and insufficient cleaning can result into
contaminated products .There are  various floor cleaning machines or equipment to  perform
this job . Selection of equipment  depend upon the size and availablity of manpower .   For
large factories we could deploy  electric /gas driven floor washers and scrubbers where  for
smaller  units  we can have man driven floor cleaning equipments .

Bakeries  floors gets  contaminated   through   dust , flour dust , sugar dust , oil spillages ,
dough spillages , crumbs , defective s products  .Movement of men and machines inside the
production area also contributes to floor contamination

The conventional method of cleaning floor through  mops and swipes are outdated now and
we dont get results  in respect of hygiene . These modern floor cleaning machines  do  
provide  easy and  effective  way of cleaning . Other conventional method for cleaning floor
was  to wash floors  by water  with these  new cleaning equipments we can save on water .
Plants normally  are shut down for preventive maintenance weekly  or  fixed schedules thus
providing operators to keep these equipments ready for operation . These equipments might
have some initial capital investment but in view of special requirement for  bakeries and food
factory  manufacturers  must  get these for their manufacturing unit.Industrial floor cleaning
equipment is designed to increase productivity, while driving down the total cost to clean.

Following are  industrial floor cleaning equipments  
Manual  and ride on  ( battery powered )
  • Floor Scrubbers
  • Floor Sweepers
  •  Floor Sweepers - scrubbers
  •  Vacuum cleaners
  •   Pressure Washers
  •   Floor Machines and Burnishers

Selection  of   production area
floorings should  be  kept  in mind while building construction.

Major bakery  equipments

Spiral Mixers

Depanner  in bread manufacturing

Different type of Oven Bands

Carton Sealing Machine

Online Check weighing system

Bread Dough  Divider

HFW packaging machine

Hybrid Oven

High Pressure burners

Bread Slicers

Biscuit Grinder

Vaporiser for lpg storage tank

Milk Spray Unit

Gyroscreen  sifter

Oil Spray  Unit

Spiral  conveyor

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floor cleaning equipment , floor scrubbers , floor sweepers
floor cleaning equipment , floor scrubbers , floor sweepers