Industrial Electric Fly Killer  (Insecticutor )

Bakeries have  to face menace of  flies  as  these are attracted by food products  and  waste
 found  through out the production  process . Most widely used  pest control measure to trap
these flies are  industrial electric  fly killers or insecticutors .  We can see these machines
installed in cafe , restaurants and food manufacturing units .Dough , Sugar solution , milk  ,
fat  are major attraction for flies  in bakeries  apart from these we can have other  varieties of
lies during different seasons .  

Rubbish bins are favorable breeding areas for flies and this is essentially what leads to
infestation within the factory . The best measure that one can employ to counter this issue is
to be certain that all of the bins liners are correctly secured.
In house hygiene  and  hygienic conditions in surrounding areas also important to keep  
control on these flies

Major are in bakeries where we can install these electric fly killers  are  mixing section ,
creaming section , batter preparation section   and packaging halls . There are seasons
when one might be experiencing massive infestations in manufacturing units  specially  
during monsoon season.

Industrial Electric fly killers  mainly consists of  tubes and collection pads   which are then  
either installed from  ceiling of the building or  are kept  as free standing . These electric  fly
killers  have UV tube lights  which attract  these flies and  flies get trapped on to  the wire
mesh  around the tube rods which are electrically charges . Fly killers or insecticutors  are  
available in 16kw , 30kw and 40 kw  rating with  single tube , double  and triple tube
arrangement . A  normal  double  tube fly killer can cover upto 100 sqmtr .  Average life span
of tube are between 8000 -10000hrs .  Collection pads are regularly taken out and cleaned
and  fitted back into fly killer . Pest control team does a check on these collection  tray  for  
see the worst affected area and suggest preventive measure . Other fly control equipments  
are  glue  board  and  fly traps .

Keep some stock of  tubes from immediate replacement as food safety and hygiene are
critical for food  processing units .

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