Industrial  Air Curtains

Bakeries  need keep  its  production are  free from pest like flies , insects  and dust . Apart
from pest control chemicals  mechanical  means are used  to achieve hygiene and  food
safety  objectives . One of the important  equipments  for such  application   are industrial air
curtains .  These  industrial  air curtains  are installed  in places of high movement of material
and personnel  thus impossible  to have doors  installed . This high movement of men and
material gives  a chance  to pest and dust to  enter bakery production halls . Putting air
curtains provides a barrier to  pests ( flies , dust , insects , birds )and other  harmful particles

Principle  of   Industrial  Air curtains

These are  similar  blowers  with  metal  casing  .,impellers are installed on a common shaft
which  rotates at very high  rpm  producing high velocity airs . This high velocity  air is further
accelerated  through nozzles fabricated with  air curtain body .  Air is thrown at very high
velocity  which  acts  as barrier  to  pest  which  cannot penetrate this wall . Materials and
personnel movement  is not impacted . Very effective for bakeries in a way that there number
of passages connecting  production halls  to admin bloc / finished  good godown / raw
material stores / maintenance workshop and stores /mixing halls etc . Various types of air
curtains are available  for such application  as per  manufacturers specification of
door/passage  width   and height . Energy efficient air curtains are available  to save
energy.Auto start and stop limit switches provided to synchronised it with opening and
closing of doors.

Filter pads are provided at intake of impellers.

Air curtains are fixed  on the doors  with fasteners  and requires minimum of maintenance .
Industrial  air curtains can be seen in hospitals , food service units , food manufacturing units
Apart from  hygiene application  they also used as barrier for seperating air conditioned
areas to hot  areas in  food manufacturing units.

Another advantage  is that it need  not to  be replaced as in the case of pvc door curtains.

Air curtains are installed  normally  at  doors , passages  connecting  to production hall or  
other passages and doors connecting visitor s areas  to factory . It  replaces conventional
method of doors provided with  door springs  which get s ineffective after some  period .


Normally   we have  to check the dimensions  for doors and passages before  buying

length (  width )  and height

Velocity  =   20 -25 m/s   (  available at the floor level )  - this  velocity  has been suggested
to  produce best results .

Door limit  switches which  starts and stops when door  opens or closed .


Industrial   Air curtains can be classified into  following category

Single blower  air curtain
Multiple blower air curtain
High  velocity  air curtains
Low velocity air curtains
Auto or manual start and stop .
Air curtains with  heaters .

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