Here  are few import documentation related terms

Full container load , container of size 20' and 40' are loaded  in full . This is better choice for bulk consignment like
commodities  etc . Container itself  is transported to  consingnees premises and consignment is unloaded


Loose container  load . This mainly for small lots of items .Consignee has to collect from port  through local
transport .
Loose container has one disadvantge  of  time as shipping line would only sail when the container fully loaded .


Penalities  are put on the consignee for not collecting items on time .this is collected by  shipping line which has
booked material .Period varies for 7- 10 days for  sea freight and 5 days for air freight consignment .


This is equivalent to bill of lading for air freight  consignment .Airlines issue a air way bill number to the shipper
and same is required by customer to release the consignment from air port.


It is the firm  which is  involved in  getting from ea port or air port to the  buyers place . They  do the necessary
documentation and  liason with the custom authorities for clearance .

HARMONIC SERIES : Every  items has got an harmonic series  number  which is  an number acccepted by all
these numbers allow  to custom authorities to identify nature of item and can be classified for various duties .

BILL  OF ENTRY : Bill of entry  is the document which is prepared by customs prior to release of material from port
or airport warehouse .It has all details such as duty , amount , country of origin , shippers and consignee details .

HEALTH  CERTIFICATE : Certificate  issued by  city municipality  declaring chemical to be fit for human
consumption and declaring free from any contamination this is must of any consignment which  carries  food stuff .

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