Hydraulic  Hand  Pallet  Truck

Pallet trucks in bakery are vital equipments for material handling .For large bakeries where
we have high production of products these pallet trucks are used to shift raw material as well
finished goods from one place to another .Easy for workers to move large quantities of bags
,tins ,machinery ,cartons by stacking material on pallets then moving it desired locations by
hydraulic hand pallet trucks or pallet jacks . Pallets  are used to stack materials thus
manufacturers needs to check dimensions  of pallets  and maximum weight  pallet  trucks  
could handle  prior to buying these pallet trucks . Pallet trucks are safe to work  and  
prevents accidents during material handling .

Here are major use of pallet trucks in bakeries for transferring materials

From unloading area to stores
Stores to Production area
Raw material from stores to production
Drums and other ingredients into production
Packaging material
Heavy machine s
Cartons of finished product to dispatch ware house
Loading Area

There  are various type  of  pallet trucks used in factories or manufacturing units /Ware

Hydraulic hand   pallet  trucks
Motorised  or  Electric pallet trucks

By  flexibility
Fixed width pallet trucks
Adjustable width type
High lift  pallet trucks

Hydraulic Hand Pallet trucks are most widely used  pallet truck in bakeries  .Used by small
,medium to large bakeries . It uses hydraulic cylinder to lift the forks of the pallet into different
positions . Pressure is created through strokes manually by the operators .

Specification s for  Hydraulic hand pallet truck
Capacity - 1.0 ton ,1.5 ton , 2.0 ton , 3.0ton , 5.0ton
Floor protective polyurethane  steering and load wheels
Entry rollers for easy entry and exit
No-trip, spring-loaded handle
Lenght and Width as per  pallets used in manufacturing unit .

Hydraulic pallet jack - truck has three-position fingertip control (raise, lower and neutral) for
fast-and-efficient operation. Neutral position frees pump handle for easy steering.
Reinforced safety loop handle is spring loaded to help reduce tripping accidents.

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