How to arrange funds for small bakery business

TIPS  - How to get funds for your bakery business

Now that you have made up your mind to start  a new bakery  business . The most important  
factor of all is money or the finances .Best options is to not to invest your savings but to invest
others money in any business .

As any bakery  start up would require  funds for

  • Equipments

  • Ingredients

  • Packaging

  • Legal fees

  • Manpower

  • Utilities( Fuel , electricity and water )

  • Marketing/Promotion

  • Rentals/lease or land/building

  • Working capital for at least six/five month

  • Daily expenses and your house hold  expenses

When you go out for sources providing   funds  here are few  mentioned below

Your own savings

Getting loans from relatives and friends

Do some Partner ships with Venture Capitalist

Bank Loans

Loans  from private lenders

Loans from government sponsored small scale development agencies.

Funds against collaterals  such your property /gold/investments.

Once you got your funds then these have  to allocated prudently and details recorded for every


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