Good Manufacturing practices ( GMP ) in bakeries

GMPS  for  Pest Management   practices

Any bakery or food installation needs to have good pest management as pest are common problem in such
areas .  A dedicated team either inhouse or outsourced need to be in place in such installation with all necessary
records , tools and equipments .

Following are the good manufacturing practices for pest control and management in bakeries .

  • Special reporting  type services

  • Pest  control records including  bait plans , label and dating

  • Baiting and Proofing standards including monitoring

  • Fly killers position and condition

  • Good factory perimeter control

  • Storage and house keeping standards

  • Access incoming ingredients for inspection

  • Segregation  of damaged  or returned goods

  • Safety and technical documentation  ie approved baits and pesticides

  • Freedom from pest action plan documentation

Source : World Food Program


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