Environment management system in bakeries

EMS or Environment Management System are now being implemented in almost all bakery
plants . EMS or ISO 14000 is an international standard which ensure s and put guidelines for
a complete environment management system in an organisation .Its based on study of all
throughput and outputs of manufacturing processes along with services which has significant
Impacts on the business .Documentation and audits and corrective measures are similar to
ISO 9000 .The major emphasis of ISO-14000 is on environment related issues which covers
all of the legal compliance's and Pollution control . Companies have to declare and display
their commitment to environment and pollution control through a environment policy . ISO
-14001 also enhances corporate or companies image in public .Its also required for exports to
certain countries .

Major areas of bakery which are covered in ISO-14001

All legal compliance's about pollution other statutory licenses which covers

SOP for critical operations

Air pollution - Oven Flue gases through chimneys

Water pollution - Waste water treatment and discharge of treated water as per the
municipality standards

Noise Pollution - Noise in around factory to be within permissible limits

Energy and water conservation objectives and plans

Occupational Health Hazards - Elimination of such jobs and concerns

Fire safety and Emergency plans

Waste disposal and its procedures
The best part of EMS is that it ensures that the company is committed on above mentioned
issues through projects with clear cut time lines , responsibilities and budget on regular basis
which are then audited for compliance's.
Numerous projects have been implemented by these companies which has resulted in cost
savings and better environment in around factories . Hope that companies would come
forward and implement EMS in their plants and conserve resources.

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