The  Ovens are the most  energy consuming equipment .fuel used to fire ovens are  hsd , ldo ,
rfo ,lpg and electric.Different  startegies have been adopted by bakery industryengineers to
reduce  the fuel consumption and fuel cost .The temperatures required for baking varies
from180 deg c -- 350deg c for  bakery products .Oven has got4-5 baking zones .

Finding Out  Cheap Fuel .

The first strategy  is to  switch fuel from higher cost to  lower cost fuel with same calorific value
or  with better value for money .

Companies have  switched to  RFO  ,CNG OR SKO fOR SAVINGS in cost of  fuel .

Energy efficient  burners

The Bakery professional have installed   high pressure burners  dual stage burners  from
conventional low pressure  single stage burners .This has reduced the fuel consumption to
signifcant  level .

Heat Recovery

Flue gas carries substantial  amount of heat  which are  passed out  to environment through
stacks . These  heat can be recovered  and can be used to fire the last zone of baking oven as
temperatures required are very low in the  last zone .Heat recovered can also be used for
heating purpose .


Heat losses are prevented through proper insulation of oven periodically .

Higher hp motors are replaced  by  low hp motors after studying the load pattern .

All aluminium casted blade of cooling  tower are  replaced by FRP blades which results in
substantial savings of energy.

Lighter oven band save energy cost

Continuous  mixing  helps oven performance

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