Indian Aluminium Company, Limited
Taloja – Dist :  Raigad- Maharastra

Unit Profile

Taloja plant was conceived in late sixties as part of INDAL’s  plans to expand and develop its integrated
activities in Western  region, mainly with an idea of  catering to the increasing demand of Aluminium
products.  INDAL’s Taloja Works is located in Raigad District of Maharashtra State, 45 to 50 Kms. from
Mumbai by road. The Plant with initial investment of Rs.16.6 crores (31% of imported components) was
commissioned in November 1971, having a capacity of 11, 500 tons per year of Aluminium rolling. The
plant was formally inaugurated on 25th November 1972. Present capacity of plant is 3600 Tonnes of
rolling sheet per year.

Energy Consumption
Electrical Energy
The connected electrical load to the unit is 27,192 KW, while the electrical energy consumption is around
48 MWh/year. The major electrical energy consuming units are the 4 no. of the preheating furnaces and
4 no. of annealing furnaces. These units consume around 48% of total consumption. The three rolling
mills together consume about 35% of the total load. The 730 KVA DG set is an emergency energy
source. This is operated only during outages of the MSEB power supply to cater the need of remelting
furnaces & recycling plant.

Thermal Energy
Our remelt and recycling furnaces being operated with Low Sulphur Heavy stock (LSHS) oil. The annual
consumption is around 4400T. The oil-fired burners are for melting Aluminum in the furnaces and
thereafter rolling ingots being cast for further process.

Energy conservation projects identified for implementation in current financial year (2002 – 03)
Sl. No        Location        Description                                             

1.                New Remelt        Install VFD for cold water circulation pump      
2.                Old Remelt        Temperature controller                                        
3.                Air conditioners        Install thermostat controls                            
4.                Cooling tower        Cold water pump # 3 - replace with energy efficient motor
5.                Finishing area        Interlock DC motor cooling fans with motor run command    
6.                Lighting        Avoid day time lighting                                             
7.                Mill cooling tower        Install VFD                                                 
8.                Hot mill        Install correct head pump for sump tank                   
9.                New Remelt        Temperature controller for cooling tower            
10.                Air compressor        arrest air leakages                                       
11.                Canron        Remove two stages of the impeller of mill supply pump      
12.                Air compressor        Compressor # 1 - replace with energy efficient motor
13.                Lighting        Replace copper ballasts with energy efficient ballasts for 40W  
14.                Scalper        VFD with high efficiency fan for re-circulation fan        
15.                Soaking pits        Optimise operation of re-circulation air fan             
16.                Recycling        Reduce heat loss during metal transfer & pouring and optimize
17.                Canron   Replace existing fan with energy efficient fan for motor ventilation   
18.                Davy        Remove one stage of the impeller of mill supply pump         
19.                New Remelt  Install capacitor banks to improve the power factor and reduce the voltage
20.                Cooling tower        Install capacitor banks to improve the power factor and reduce the
voltage drop                                                                                                              
21.                Canron        VFD for filter supply pump                                                
22.                Davy        High efficiency fan for motor ventilation                                
23.                Recycling        Optimise combustion air supply to burners                   
24.                New Remelt        Improve combustion efficiency of holder                    
25.                Soaking pits        Improve insulation of top cover                                   
26.                Roll grinder        Replace compressed air with blower air for roll coolant tank  
27.                LCL        Install lower rpm motor for stacker and hot air blowers

Additional plans
·        An investment of Rs. 18 mio is already in progress to replace all 11KV oil circuit breakers by
Vacuum circuit breaker and in which energy management system in all feeders is being installed having a
target date of completion by the end of this financial year.
·        In Remelts
Ø        An investment of Rs.27 mio is planned this year to revamp the existing 30 years old remelting
Ø        Establish the melter burners oil nozzle changing frequency to take care the controlled oil flow rate
at melter main burners.
Ø        Frequent checking of flue gas composition for efficient combustion of fuel oil and oxygen
Ø        Periodic cross-checking of LSHS oil for its calorific value.
·        Revamping and insulation improvement of one each from preheating & annealing furnaces
·        Load management in preheating and annealing furnaces through operational controls and MD (
Maximum Demand)controller.
·        Conversion of one existing electrically heated Preheating furnace to gas fired furnace


Source:Bureau of Energy Efficiency,India
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