Why to get energy audits for plants

Energy audits in  larger bakeries should be conducted  regularly with period of 1-2 years .
Certified auditors should  be invited to  conduct energy audits  which  can  then highlight  
waste and areas of improvement in the process so as to  reduce energy cost.

With  ever increasing cost of energy  bakeries  need  to  get their plant audited once in
every 3-5 year period for modification and changes in their energy management and
technology  to reduce energy cost . Energy  audits  can be done  by  experienced  auditors  
or through  institution s . Energy audits helps in identifying areas where we can save energy
with  minimum of  changes

Energy Audit Methodology:

Energy Audit Study is divided into following four steps

a. Historical Data Analysis:

The historical data analysis involves establishment of energyconsumption pattern to
establish base line data on energy consumption and its variation with change in production

b. Actual measurement and data analysis:

This step involves actual site measurement and field trials using various portable
measurement instruments. Italso involves input tooutput analysis to establish actual
operating equipment efficiency and finding out losses in the system.

c. Identification and evaluation of Energy Conservation Opportunities:

This step involves evaluation of energy conservation opportunities identified during the
energy audit. It gives potential of energy saving and investment required to implement the
proposed modifications with payback period. All recommendations for reducing losses in the
system are backed with its cost benefit analysis.

d. Monitoring and Control:

With increasing energy prices, many organizations have incorporated sub-metering systems
in their plants. It is required to identify and monitor parameters for energy consumption per
unit of production or services i.e. Specific Energy Consumption (SEC).SEC monitoring is an
important tool for monitoring and proving of energy conservation measures especially to see
the effect of implementation of projects directed towards energy conservation.

Major Area's  for Energy Audits in bakeries  are

Baking Oven
Lighting in Plant
Air Compressors
Air conditioning and Refrigeration unit
Packaging Unit
High  rating Motors
Electrical s system including Transformers
Mixers , Grinders , Blenders  and conveyors

Energy Audits  has been made mandatory  by several countries . Incentives  for  better
power factors  in electrical energy usage  are provided through lower bills .Few  easy  to
implement plans  are suggested through these energy  audits  and the cost of  conducting
such  audits  are insignificant in comparison to the savings generated   through the   
suggestions and modification .

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