• Water used from  municipality sources are charged for some  industry they are major
    component  of production like beverages , power plant . etc

  • Replace  water cooled  air conditioning  or refrigeration with  air cooled . This helps in
    eliminating cooling towers hence results in saving   for energy.


  • Replace natural draught   type cooling tower  with forced  close type cooling tower .

  • Recycle  waste water  after  effluent  treatment  or  sewerage  plant .this treated can easily
    be used  for agricultural requirement , gardening  and can be used in flush systems for

  • Washing of factory floors can be  replaced by mopping .

  • Put sensors  in  common bathrooms,urinal etc.

  • Rain Harvesting : Industry should be asked to encourage rain  harvesting in their factory
    permises and all residential building  should have provision for  rain harvesting


All manufacturing  unit generates  spent oils from their machinary and equipments  major
sources are  generators , compressors,
gear boxes.These spent oils can be recycled by using filteration unit and can be used in
fuel like ldo , rfo etc .

Similiarly  used  lubricants like
grease can be used by others
as their basic raw material.

eg : soap manufacturers etc

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