Waste management
Intelligent waste management solutions for businesses in the UK and Ireland
Waste  Management involves  storage, transportation , dumping  and recycling .Factories
huge amount of solid and  water  waste. Opportunities are available to reuse  and recycle

Solid  waste  can be  categorised into  

Bio degradeable

Those waste which   gets  bio degraded   due bio reaction  and become part of nature
Waste like paper
wood products , food products  ,cbbs

Non bio degradable

Those   waste whichh remains intact even after several years and dont decompse  can
be classified  as
non bio  degradable  waste .eg  Plastic , packaging material , metal scrap , batteries , e
waste  etc

Solid waste  can be used in applying following technology

1.Bio -degradable  waste  can  be used create  compost

2. Waste could recycled and  can be used as primary raw material - plastic industry ,
paper industry ,
steel industry (  steel scrap  )

3. Land  filling

4. Solid Waste  could  be used  to produce  methane gas  and which in turn can be  used
 as fuel.Bio gas

Equipment used in waste handling are




Waste  water  can  be categorised into

Sewerage effluent

Waste water from  factory kitchen and washroom can be classified into  sewerage waste

sewerage can be treated  in STP( sewerage treatment plant)  for recovery  of water .

Trade effluent

Waste water from factory  floors  can be classified as trade effluent .eg   floor sweepings ,
equipment washing , cleaning of several vessels used in production.

ETP ( effluent  treatment  plant ) can be installed  to recycle waste water for trade effluent

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