Pumps are used  in various application and of various capacity.Pumps  can give us energy
savings if we maintain then , select   the correct type of pumps.Below metioned tips can
result in  substatial energy savings in pumps

  • Schedule pumps to turn off whenever possible .Putting up level sensors , float valves
    or pressure switchs

  • Avoid recirculation through bypass lines

  • Minimize throttling

Assess pumping system suitability for current application.
Many installed systems are oversized, providing an opportunity to:
  • Install a smaller impeller or trim the existing one
  • Remove stages
  • Downsize pump
  • Install a smaller and/or a more efficient pump motor
  • Replace worn impellers

Reduce pump speed or install appropriate speed control devices
  • Install a slower speed motor
  • Change sheave diameters
  • Consider variable frequency drives

Consider alternative pump configurations
  • Pony pumps
  • Multiple pumps in parallel

Improve O&M practices
  • Establish basic system maintenance checklists and schedules
  • Establish a predictive maintenance program

Improve piping configuration

  • Use larger pipe sizes
  • Eliminate unnecessary turns, valves, accessories
  • Optimize pump inlet and outlet piping

Use  monobloc pumps instead of  motor coupled  pumps wherever possible .

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