Cost  savings can be generated  in packaging  in primary as well as secondary  packaging
by following  methods.

Shape and sizes can be altered to maximise  the no of packets per box with less packing

  • Sizes and dimensions of product: We have to check the dimensions of product in such
    manner that it fits well with packaging dimensions which are set as per stacking norms ,
    loading and unloading specs  ,container size  and  manual handling of the the
    packaged items

  • Sizes and dimensions of packaging items:  Once the product shapes and size re
    finalised vendors are informed and packaging material ordered . By changing the size
    and shape one can reduce the material used .

  • Thickness of  packaging material can be reduced  like cbbs , bopp, laminate , wrapper,
    tapes etc.

  • Thickness or the area to be used can be reduced through product modification .It has
    normally observed that people are packing items in material of higher strength . One
    should see the optimum thickness which can with stand mechanical damages during
    transit . One can reduce the thickness of the laminate and wrapper  with trials .Cartons
    can be ordered for 3ply instead of 5ply . Laminate s and wrapper thickness  to few
    microns without any problem.

  • Preformed cartons can be asked by vendors

Labour are employed for  make boxes from cardboard  supplied as flat form ,these cartons  
can be ordered in pre formed  manner which are then filled and then passed on to taping
machine .

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