Packaging cost are considerable in manufacturing industry . Finished products has to be
transported to consumer through various channel .Care has to be taken  while selecting
primary and secondary packaging so as to ensure material properties and are safe during
loading , Unloading and while in transit

For Fmcg  companies packaging is what differentiate one product from another .The
packaging design and appearance drive customer to these product

Other industry where packaging very important role is Food processing industry . Here
packaging also prevent from food contamination and increase food shelf life .

Packaging plays important role in following area

  • Transport

  • shelf life

  • Advertisement and product information

  • Prevent  from  product  contamination

Various type of packing are used in industry as per product requirement

  • sacks

  • tins or boxes

  • glass bottles or pvc jars and pet bottles

  • paper

  • laminates

  • pvc sheet

  • Wax papers

  • Metallized wrappers

  • corrugated boxes

  • bopp pvc films

  • hdpe sheets

  • Pouches

Cost reduction in  packaging can be achieved through many options where you have see all
parameters of packaging  like

Product shape and sizes , The strength , Water permeability ,consumers ease and their
preferences .

Lots of innovation and creative designs has come up in packaging industry . Cost reduction
can be achieved through desing and selection of material .
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