Employees participation .

Employees awareness to the cost  of  items meant for their support  must be  explained and
cost savings ideas from  them encouraged .

A closer look at these  spending would  highlights  office  saving potentials .

Few of the simple and effective methods to cut cost  in offices are

Recylce and Reuse  papers and ink catridges of  printer s and photocopier .

Use papers /envelope  optiminally- Inter department memos could have multiple rows for
addresses  so that the same envelope could be used again .

Encourage use of emails rather paper memos  as mode of communication

Cut down meetings  through video conferencing and webinars

Use only one courier service and on a particular day

Reduce subscription of Magazine and News paper

Reduce printing and copying of documents .

Provide individual on / off switch of fans and lights  so as when one individual  stays over time
all lights and fans are not working .

Negotiate your rentals if possible sublease  your space to other vendor

Pay your  bills and invoice  only when  due , dont pay in advance.

Dont over pay  on insurance for  your employees

Find alternatives for air flights .book ticket in advance with  low tariff air carrier

 telecom  expenses  for overbilling  and billing for unused subscription s

Ask employees  to  pool  transport  facility  if provided to employees from company account.

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Cost Cutting

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