Layout of warehouse is determined by

  • Required floor plan  to facilitate smooth material flow.

Pallet  placement

The  space  layout  for storage  of material is largely dependent  upon the size of pallet
needed and their positioning  or placement . Standard size of pallets are  used whose sizes
40''x48 '' and 32''x48''

Aisle width

Generally  the requirement  of aisle  width vary with the size of material handling
equipment  and quantity of material moved . Normally aisle are designed to provide two
way traffic also taking into consideration of turning of the forklifts . Narrow width forklifts are
now available in market which have reduced width requirement for movement

Racking system
Space utilisation of a warehouse can be enhance by usage of racking . These racking
system are generally used for light material which can be stacked on pallets and can be
lifted by forklift and can stack these pallets on the racking system . Racking system can be
of different heights depending on  material handling equipment height  . These could be  
2- 3 rack height ( approx -4-5 mtr )

Pallets  are directly stacked on these racks and are directly unloaded or loaded for next
operation which then  save  times . Composition of racks  are termed  as  9x5  or 10x5  .
These racking system has advantages like it can be dismantled and erected  in very less
time , as these have frames which are folding in nature and fastened as members .


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