Energy Conservation - Simple Tips that Will Reduce Your
Energy Bill

nutshell - conservation of energy has both personal and societal benefits.
nutshell - conservation of energy has both personal and societal benefits.

Most people are concerned with making their money last longer and energy conservation can
help by reducing our energy costs.  Homeowners can do many things to cut down on their
energy needs.  Perhaps the best thing they can do to is to install better insulation to retain
warm and cool air.

Heating and air conditioning are the biggest energy consumers of the average household.  
Much of the heat and cool air escapes because of poorly insulated roofs, walls, doors, and
windows. In fact in a lot of cases heating and cooling is responsible for around 50% of your
energy costs. Improving insulation will result in greater conservation of energy and lesser
energy costs. Small changes in this area can result in dramatic reduction in your monthly
payment to your utility company.

Old cooling and heating appliances should be replaced with newer models which are more
energy efficient.  Other large appliances like refrigerators can also be replaced with newer
models that are designed to conserve energy. Always make sure you read the energy label, if
you do, you will often find that a cheap product in fact can be expensive in its every day use
because of its energy consumption.

Traditional light bulbs are inefficient because much of the energy they consume is converted
to heat.  Replacing all your incandescent bulbs with compact florescent bulbs will provide the
same level at light with less energy consumption.  Even though the cost of these bulbs is
greater than traditional bulbs, they last up to 20 times longer, resulting in significant overall

Using alternative energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines can greatly reduce the
amount of energy needed from traditional sources.  The electricity produced by these devices
can be fed back into the local power grid if it is not immediately used by the household.  This
reduces the power bill even further (the power meter runs backwards) while supplying clean
power to your community.

Conservation of energy is not just for homes, cars and trucks are available with more energy
efficient engines and some can run on alternate power sources such as hydrogen or electricity.

Conservation of energy is something that everyone can contribute to.  By being careful in how
we use our resources we are building a society for our children and grandchildren.

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