• Use two speed  or variable  speed  drives for  cooling tower  fan control if the fans are
    few .Stage  the cooling tower  fans with on -off control .

  • Turn  off  unnecessary  cooling tower fan s when the load s are reduced.

  • Control   cooling tower fans  based on leaving  water tempratures

  • Periodically  clean plugged  cooling tower  water distribution  nozzles

  • Install new nozzles  to obtain    more  uniform  water pattern

  • Replace splash bars with  self - extinguishing  PVC cellular  units

  • Optimise  cooling tower  fan blade  angle  on a  seasonal  and on load basis

  • Reline  leaking cooling tower cold water basin

  • Check  water  overflow  pipes  for proper  operating  level

  • Optimize chemical use

  • Optimise  blowdown  flow rate .

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Energy savings in Cooling Towers
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