• Replace  single -pane glass with insulating glass.

  • Consiider  covering some window  and skylight  areas  with insulating glass.

  • If visibility is not  required  but light  is required  consider replacing  exteriors  windows  
    with insulated  glass block.

  • Consider tinted glass reflective  glass , coatings ,awings , overhangs , draperies , blinds
    ,and  shades for sunlit exterior windows

  • Add vestibules or revolving doors  to  primary  exterior  personnel  doors.

  • Consider  automatic  doors ,air curtains ,strip doors , etc  at high traffic passages
    between conditioning and non conditioned  spaces .

  • Use  Intermediated doors  in stairways  and vertical passages  to minimize  building
    stacks efffect.

  • Use land scaping for advantage

  • Install  wind breaks near  exterior  doors

  • Consider new thermal  doors ,thermal windows ,roofing insulation ,etc.

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