Conventional burners can be replaced by  high pressure burners .Fuel efficient
burners are available .Weishaupt burners and benetone burners.Burners
efficiency results  in low fuel comsumption.

Following factors  helps  in fuel consumption

  • 1. air fuel ratios

  • 2. flue gas recycling

  • 3. nozzles sizes

  • 4. Proper maintenance of burners .

  • Feed water could be heated from waste heat -flue gas by putting up
    either  recuperator or heat exchanger

  • Heat loss can be reduced by  proper insulation .

  • Steam traps to provided  in proper distance as per  requirement  steam
    traps help in improving  quality of steam .

  • Make use of condensate water into feed water.

  • Replace  boilers with  hot water generators  wherever possible . hot water
    generators  does not fall into IBR  regulations ,hence requirement of
    inspection from  Boilers inspectors are eliminated

  • Minimise  boiler blow down .Install  automatic blow down control

  • Install removable insulation  on valves and fittings

  • Inspect  and repair faulty  steam traps
  • Preheat  combustion  air with waste heat
  • Insulate exposed heated oil tanks
  • Inspect for scales & sediments on
water side.Inspect for soot,flyash and
slag on fire side .


  • Oven / Furnances have  insulation lining  which if proper can reduce heat
  • Check against  infiltration of  air : Use doors or air curtains
  • Improve burner design , combustion control and instrumentation .

  • Waste heat generated can be utilised  for heating water  and pre heat in
    take air . recuperators and heat exchangers can be installed to use waste
    heat from flue gases .

Insulation are required for various industrial application such as      Ovens.
Furnances,heaters,boilers,storage tanks,pipings,steam.chilled water pipelines
etc .These insulations are  made up of mineral wool,silica , alumina and mulite .
Insulation can save heat losses considerably .While selecting insulation material
check  thermal properties,physical and chemical speciifcations

Repair damaged  insulation  
Insulate  any hot or cold metal surface
Replace any wet  insulation

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