• Use  smooth  well rounded  air inlet  cones

  • Avoid  poor  flow  distribution  at the  fan inlet

  • Minimize  fan inlet  and outlet  onstructions

  • Clean  screens , filters , and  fan blades

  • Minimize the  fan  speed

  • Use  low slip  or flat  belts

  • Check  belt tensions  regularly

  • Eleminate variable  pitch pulleys

  • Use Variable speed drives for large variable fans

  • Use energy effecient motors for continuous or near continuous operation

  • Eliminate leaks in uct work

  • Minimise bends in duct work


  • Use smooth , well rounded air inlet ducts or cones for air  intakes.

  • Minimize blower inlet and outlet obstructions.

  • Clean Screens and filters regularlly

  • Minimize Blower speed

  • Use Low slip or no slip belts

  • Check belt tension regularly

  • Eliminate variable pitch pulleys

  • Use Variable spped drives for large variablle blower loads

  • Use energy -efficient  motors for continuous or near continuous operaions

  • Eleminate Ductwork leaks .

  • Eliminate  bends  in duct work.

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