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Basic manufacturing  industry   consumes  fuel in large quantum .Fuel also make large part of cost
of production hence any  cost reduction strategies would have significant  impact .

Following are  the  basic fuel  for  any manufacturing industry

The most important  characteristic  of fuel which is
considered is  the calorific value of the fuel or in simpler
words  heat generated by unit mass of the fuel ,hence
while selection of fuel  we have to consider the availability
cost and the calorific value .

Cost of fuel varies as per the geographical location of industry . As per availability of fuel on can
choose from gaseuos fuel or diesel oil fuels .


Fuel consumption  can  be reduced by installation of fuel efficient  burners .With advent of new
technologies  one can get fuel efficient  burners . For example  dual stage  high pressure
weishaupt  burners . Its  a  monoblock burner with inbuilt blower s  in the burner.
Other important  factors of combustion is  air -fuel ratio . All manufacturers  of burner provides
exact  ration of air  fuel .
Regular  maintenance of  burners also helps in fuel consumption .

Preheating of primary  air  for burners  can also save fuel  in big manner .

Prevention of heat loss in oven/ furnaces/reheating furnaces  can save fuel consumption


With sky rocketing price of fuel and fuel shortages in present scenario ,manufacturers have
started  finding out  alternate source of  fuels .

Solar  energy  has become popular  as alternate energy with substantial savings .It can be used for
lightingand heating  .

Wind energy  can also be used to drive roof top ventilators

Large batteries can used as alternate source of energy

Bio fuels  have become  popular as an alternative  of petroleum products  bio fuels which have
been common in use are

1. ethanol

2. Jhatropa oil

3. Bio mass fuel .