• clean the condensers water tube  regularly as clogging can happen due  hard
    water used  for cooling .

  • change oil for compressors on regular intervals.

  • Clean  filters  which blocked can reduce the cooling efficiency.

  • Add evaporator capacity to reduce evaporator approach temperature and raise
    suction pressure.

  • Install a thermosyphon cooling system to cool the compressor oil.

  • Install additional condensing capacity to reduce discharge pressure. Reducing
    condenser pressure by 10 psi can decrease refrigeration system energy use per
    ton of refrigeration by about 6%.

  • Installing variable speed drives in place of constant speed drives can reduce
    cooling system energy use by 30% to 50%, depending on load profile.

  • Insulate cooler/freezer area.

  • Invest in mechanical subcooling — an effective method of cooling liquid
    refrigerant below saturation pressure in order to increase system capacity and
    improve efficiency. Energy savings can be achieved up to 25%.


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