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  • We can save  energy by having  VFD installed for motor

  • Screw compressors have far superior performance then  other type of compressors

  • Select compressors which have  ' motor stop arrangement ' in which motors stops  on  
    longer unload period.

  • Have cooling arrangement for incoming air .

  • Have inbuilt auto drain system for  water removal from air drier .

  • Put water filter to take out residual water from compressed air .

  • Set compressors on the minimum requirement  of pressure .

  • Always have reciever for compressor s.

  • Detecting  leakages  in compressed  air pipeline and plugging those leakages also saves
    energy .

  • Compressed pipeline layout should be such that  it has fewer bend and tees

  • Ensure that compressor is shut off white plant is not  in operation .

  • Dont    use   compressed air  for cleaning .