Corrugated Boxes - An Adaptable Packaging
By Chuck R Stewart

Corrugated boxes are made from a special paperboard, which is called corrugated paperboard.
When sides are examined attentively, rows of air columns in the walls of board are visible. The air
works as a cushion, but these columns provide strength and sturdiness to the boxes made of
corrugated boards. This strength is the main reason they can be used for extensive uses. These are
manufactured in a wonderful manner. To make them, a mixture of adhesives are paper is used, which
is heated at high temperature and pressure. Normally, corrugated boards are made of one, two or
three layers of columns and walls; these columns are walls are also known as flutes and liners.

After preparation of a web of continuous corrugated board, it is cut into flat sheets, which are used in
preparation of packages. Flat boards are kept in front of converting machine to get shape and
transformed in to squares. Next, it goes through the procedure of creasing, slotting, trimming, folding
and gluing, which helps in preparation of flat boxes. These flat boxes can be easily altered into the
proper shaped package.

How to measure properly-

These boxes are measured by using inner dimensions. These boxes are prepared using dimensions
as, Length (L) x Width (W) x Depth (D) or Length (L) x Breadth (B) x Height (H). Nevertheless, the
sequence of dimension also depends on how you are opening the box but commonly shorter side of
the box is considered as 'width' while longer is 'length' and side perpendicular to length and width is
known as 'depth' of the box.

How to prepare a proper box from flat sheets-

Every flat sheet comprises a 'manufacturer's joint'; here, two ends of sides of board meet to assemble
the box. At these points, panels are glued to offer strength to the box. Some boxes are assembled
using staples. Glue is used for single walled boxes while staples are for doubled walled boxes. But,
few boxes are prepared by using neither glue nor staples, they are die-cut boxes, which are scored
and folded together.

Reason behind growing popularity of boxes made of corrugated boards-

In this juncture, people are looking for goods that can offer them a long-lasting deal. Corrugated
boxes are well competent in such manner and as a plus they are environment friendly. These
packages can be disposed in the environment and recycled. Most importantly, durable boxes made of
corrugated are considered as multi purpose. It can be used for the purpose of transportation and
safe shipping of goods.

They really can measure up to any of your shipping needs.

Chuck Stewart writes about []Food Packaging, especially
[]Corrugated Boxes.

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