Large to medium bakeries  adopts  various conveyor systems for  thier production process and
material handling requirement  from store  section to dispatch section .

Conveying system  are used for

  • Transfer of raw material & ingredients
  • Transfer of  dough
  • Transfer of  moulds with dough
  • Transfer of  empty moulds
  • For baking
  • For  Proving
  • Transfer of baked products
  • Transfer  for packing
  • Transfer  of  Cartons
  • Palleting
  • Loading  to containers

For which   different conveyor  systems  are used to perform various function in bakeries

  • Transfer conveyors  - Most  of the conveyors  can be classified as transfer conveyors
    where products aor items are transferred from one station to another  eg dough and baked
    products,  mostly roller /chain/belt  conveyors

  • Inclined conveyors - These  are conveyors  utilised when one needs to transfer products or
    items from one height to another

  • Elevators and Tilters -  Another  type  of conveyors used to lift  items or product to certain
    height  either for process or  packaging

  • Flexible  conveyors  tube type - Used  in  raw material conveying such as sugar

  • Screw  Conveyors - Used in  raw material handling  and transfer  eg flour and sugar

  • Pneumatic  Conveyors - Used in  flour  handling

  • Spiral Conveyors - Used in cooling process where space is constrained

Types of  conveyors  

  • Chain conveyors

  • Roller conveyors

  • Slat  conveyors

  • Belt  conveyors

  • Flexible  conveyors
  • Wire Mesh

  • Flat Steel Band

  • Radius Conveyors or Bend Conveyors

To carry out these transfer various
conveyor  belts  are   used

  • PU
  • PVC
  • Cotton
  • Cotton/Nylon Mix
  • Felt
  • Wire mesh
  • Flat steel conveyors
  • Cleated PVC conveyor
  • Modular Conveyor

Conveyors  prime movers

  • Motorised
  • Gravity  Rollers
  • Pneumatic
  • Screw s

PU  Vs Cotton conveyors

Major Supplier of Conveyor belts

Bakery  equipment

Check   different types conveyors in  bakery - product manual


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