Cake manufacturing is another form of  popular bakery . Its different from biscuit and bread
as its  has more soft crumbs and is prepared from batter rather from dough.

Cake making process :

Mixing : All ingredients are mixed in mixer to form a batter  Major ingredient for cake are flour,
fat , sugar , egg , emulsifier , leavening agent , preservatives and other additives like colors,
fruit cuts, nuts,chocolate ,milk and other flavours.

This batter is then place in cake moulds of different  shape and sizes and are place in baking
oven . The Most popular oven is contray oven . Baked cake slab   is then taken out of  
moulds and then passed  on to slab slicer  . These bar are again passed on to cake slicer for
 packing . These slices are then packed in horizontal flow wrap machine .Various packing  
materials are used for packaging .Slices could be arranged in pvc trays  and then packed
with over wrap .

Different packing are available .

single slice pack

double slice pack

sliced bar

cake bar

Varieties available are

fruit cut cake

milk cake

orange  cake

chocolate cake

cup cakes

Rum cakes


1.Vertical  Mixer

2.Pollins Mixers

3.Hobart Mixers

4. Contray ovens

5. Cake slab slicers and slicing machines

6. Horizontal flow  wrap machine .

Cake has to be produced in very hygienic conditions as because its very prone for microbial
infestation , equipments used for  creating hygienic conditions are

Ozoniser , Insecticutors, Air curtains , Pvc strips and chemicals like pot . permangnate for
hand washing , Aprons are must with face mask and hair covers .

General shelf life for cakes varies from country to country but for sliced cakes its three month.


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