Bread packaging  can be done  in various  formats  and configuaration through several  packing
machinnes   .  Bread packing machines  are  installed as per  capacity  and type of packaging
listed are most  popular type  of  packing machines and accessories . Bread are packed with  
automated packing machines in large bakeries  where as smaller bakeries  employ manual
packing for  their  products .


Depanner is  required for   extracting  loaves from  bread  moulds prior  to packaging . These are
normally  installed  by  large bread manufacturing units .

Slicer  s .

Slicers  are  basic  packing machines  prior  to packing . Loaves are passed through  
reciprocating  slicing blades which cuts these loaves into  number of slices and then packed either
manually  or  through  packing machines .


Normally used  for  unsliced  bread  and other forms  such  as  buns , hot dogs , baguette ,
sandwiches and  bread rolls . These  are used to  seal  polybags  with  heating while closing the
open ends .  These  sealers  are either hand sealers or  heavy foot operated mechanical  sealers .

Twist  n Tie  Binders

These  Binders  are most popular  form of packing machines  for  bread manufacturing units .
Bread slices  are passed into  poly bags  and the open end is twisted in machines and closed with
ties  which is done automatically by these binders .

Automatic  Bagger  Machine

Advanced  form  of  Twist n tie  binding machine  used by large  bakeries  with  high volume of
bread production . Sliced  breads  are  placed into bags  through  pneumatic  feeding  system
.Ties are wrapped by the bagging machines at the end of the operations . Slicing is  syncronised
with  bagging action of the machine. High .Bags are preformed  and are inflated through
compressed air and mechanical arragement . it can be used for various forms of bread such as
buns, croissant  and bread rolls

Horizontal  flow  wrap  packing  machine

Horizontal flow wrap  machines  can be used to packs  bread and its various forms . flow wrap
uses bottom and  end sealings through  heating . Flow wrap machine uses  packaging material
bopp or laminates to be mounted  as rolls .

Wax paper  packing machine

Now  almost  discontinued by  modern bakeries  yet  few bread manufacturers use these wax
paper wrapping machine to pack breads . Wax paper rolls are mounted on these which then
packs  bread at both  ends  with sealers .

Vertical   form and fill  packing machine

Vertical form and fill machines  can be used  for  bread products like rusk  and other solid
products  with flat bottom and  side seals .

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