Special characteristic of bread which has to be considered while selecting packaging material are

Very short shelf life



Following packaging materials are used by bakery manufacturers for bread.

Normal  weights  of bread packs available  are 250g , 400g , 800g , 1000g

Paper bags :Preferred by local  bakery manufacturers these are simple bags as per size of the loaves
These are normally used for local population who prefers loaves rather than slices of bread .

Wax paper : Still few of bakery manufacturers are  using  it . Automatic sealing machines are used  for sealing

Hdpe bags : Breads are packed  and  sealing is done at one side  ,flow wrap machines are used  in
bread manufacturing

Ldpe bags : These a re vertical bags used for packing bread .and bag closure of ties are used to seal the

Poly bags : For products like  bun , pav  these sorts of packing material are used

These  are then placed in platic trays specifically made for handling of bread .These crates are then  
transported  to retail shop and returned back to the manufacturers

Breads  are  packed  in many different  form

Whole  loaf in single  pack

Sliced  Bread  in  different configuration  in flow wrap  arrangement

Vertical  Pouch   for  sliced  bread in Poly bags

Sandwiches in  flow pack

Buns  in  group  of 4/8/16 flow pack

Bread rolls in  flow pack

for more on   bread  packaging ideas and design


Bag  closure - Different type of  bag closure are available in market  these re usable and bit trendy in use

Twist n Tie  or Wire tie : These ties are used to tie knots in bread bags .Cost effective method to close bags

Bread Handling Plastic crates : These crates are used to handle bread bags during process , packaging and
transportation . Different  types of plastic trays  are available for  this purpose .Bread bags are placed into
these trays and are loaded in vans to be  unloaded at reatil shops . Strength is important characteristics of
these of trays

Bread  Packaging  Equipments




Plastic   Crates

Twist n Tie  Binders

Automatic Bagger  Machine

Horizontal  flow wrap  machines

Vertical  Pouch  filling machine

Wax  Wrapper  packing machine

for more  on  bread packaging machines

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