Mould  with dough  are placed in racks of oven . (They are developed from steam which has been
treated with at Final proover ) These are then allowed to  travel in baking zones  with temperature
inside between - 250 - 280 deg c . Baking time : 26- 28 min


CONTRAY OVEN : Compact and robust  , lidding  is done manualy and has fixed  racks where
mould box are placed .

SWING TRAY :  Large and spacious  takes large area in comparison with contray oven .  It has
hinged  tray  which swings  either way .lidding and unlidding  is done automatic .

Capacity of bread oven = no of racks  x no of mould box  x  no  of mould in each box

No of loaves /cycle .

Baking  consist of  two process  with regard  to starch .



Gelantinasation :  This is  a process where  starch is heated  in presence of water .gelantinasation
occurs inside of  crumb  which is soft  and  molten  state during  the  baking period .

Dextrisation  : This is  a process  in which starch  is heated  in absence  of water .It results  into  a
solid crust  formation at the top .Temperature required for dexterisation is  225 deg c -and above .

Baking temperature also stops  yeast activity . Execessive Temperature  results  into  dark brown
crust on loaves and   to avoid such instances  operator has to increase the speed of oven .Hence
by adjusting we can avoid under baking and over baking .

Baked loaves in mould box are then passed  through Depanner  where loaves are taken out of
mould box  and placed on racks . Which are then stationed in cooling tunnel  for loaves to come to
ambient temperature .


Loaves   are  then  passed on to bread slicer . These slicers has  blades and no of blades are as
per no of slice required . normally 27 - 28 blades are  used for  normal bread .

Blades regularly regrinded  .Slices are then packed  in polybags   with codes and price .

Automated bagging machines are also available  where bagging is  automated . Most popular
method is to pack manually .
bread packaging

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