The following plant layout   are most suitable for biscuit production line.Mixing areas has to be double storied  as premixing has to be
done on the first floor which  helps in putting  ingredient s  to the mixers  and  in some cases  dough  to the laminators .Provision  for  
good s   elevator has to be  kept as  ingredients has to be moved to upper floor .Roof has to be provided with natural ventilation so as
to   reduce  the temperatures of  baking  hall . Packing hall  could be on the same floor or could be on  the first floor . Basement could
be made for raw material  storage .

H shaped plant layout

L shaped  plant layout

Biscuit plant L shaped  lay out          

biscuit manaufacturing plant
 biscuit plant layout , biscuit factory layout , biscuit factory plan
The most popular biscuit plant lay out is  H shaped or I shaped . The mixing and
packaging section occupies the ends are the ovens the main section .

H  section is the ideal plant layout where we  can have mixing section near to the
production line . Packing section  is also best placed in H  type plant layout

Highlights of H type plants

  • Mixing  and packing at the ends

  • Production flow is smooth

  • Pre -Mixing  can be done on the same floor

  • No bends hence less maintenance of 90 deg conveyors

  • Less wastages
L shaped   biscuit plant layout is designed for those factories or plant where we
have certain space constrains . A bend  or combination bends are provided to change
the direction of the flow of the production line hence cutting on the length and utilising
width available . Most of L shaped biscuit  plants  have mixing section on the first floor
and feeding to the mixers are done  from the top floor .

High lights of L shaped layout

  • Bends and combination bends required

  • Pre - Mixing to be located on the first floor

  • Mainenance cost a bit

  • Best suited for area with Less space  length wise
biscuit factory , biscuit factory layout , biscuit factory plan
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