Biscuit  bottom black  check the band clean the band with band brush  and restart the operation .

Biscuit have cracks on top  check the steam dampers close the dampers  .

Biscuit are dark in color  .check the temperatures of zone and reset  temperature by decreasing  
temperature  of zones and adjusting the dampers of flue gas .

Biscuits are pale in color .reverse of above reset temperature  by increasing temperatures of
zones  and adjust  dampers of flue  gas.

Oven band tracking .

Check the idle rollers at bottom of oven .Adjust  the  screw provided to align  drive  drum of oven
band .Check whether band is damaged  or not in case it is  remove that  section or replace the
entire band .

Clean band regularly  for good biscuit production  as carbon deposition are normal  which in
results in black spot in bottom of  oven band .

Check combustion of burners if flue gas  is negligible then combustion is good in case it is white or
dark brown then  combustion is improper  .Adjust air -fuel  ratio.

Clean  burner nozzles regularly .

Check  and grease in circulating fan motor  and  steam extraction  fans .

Check for fire tubes and its condition and in case required  repair the fire tube .

Different  types  biscuit ovens
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