Automated  system  for  transferring liquid  to the mixing process and storage

Liquid  handling system  in any  bakery production
unit  consists of following item .

1. Water
2. Milk
3. Invert sugar solution or  sugar  solution
4. Butter

These  liquids  are  transferred  through  s.s pipeline  which are  
insulated  (hot /cold ) as per requirement .Milk preparation
tank is required  for milk solution .Skimmed milk powder  is added
with water in the tank .Stirrer is then  started for preparation of
solution .Once the solution is prepared it is transferred to the
weighing hopper  and discharged into  mixing hopper. Balance
solution is  tranferred to chilled storage tank.

Sugar solution is also prepared in jacketed vessel .Stirrer  is then  operated to prepare sugar solution  with sugar and water
already there in the vessel . Heating  is required for the sugar solution  these could be  achieved through  steam being
injected in  the jacket or hot water circulated in the jacket . Then this sugar  solution is transferred from preparation tank to  
mixing hopper . Balance  is transferred   to  storage tank  which has jacket  where either steam or hot water is circulated so
as to keep
it in solution state .Similarly butter is tranferred  to mixing vessel .

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